About Computer Mark

I acquired the nick name “Computer Mark” in my northeast Columbus neighborhood when I first moved to town.  I was the only guy in the local pizza/pub/pool hall working on a Laptop.  Reading tech over pizza and beer in a relaxed environment lead to interaction with non-computer geeks and soon I was labeled and destined for everyones hardware or software question.

Twenty-five years later I still have the nickname, although today I defer most hardware/software questions to fellow geeks who work in the Corporate Microsoft world.  I primarily work on projects involving Internet Application Development and manage a few small business local area networks.

I’ve had the good fortune to work on several hardware and operating systems over the years as well as develop applications in multiple language environments.  This has included large and small scale networks, business applications, and organization building.  I don’t usually transport my laptop to the pool hall these days, preferring a 1975 Viking pool cue inherited from my father-in-law.  It’s been much better for my 9 ball game.

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